Educational Projects

BRASITECH takes special interest in supporting all phases of educational projects, such as identification, laboratory and workshop designs for Universities, schools and technical colleges.

Libratory Designs  Libratory Designs 
Workshop Designs   Workshop Designs 

Layout - Importance

  • Reduce design and planning time

  • Reduces installation time

  • Reduces installer costs

  • Reduces product waste

  • Enhances project satisfaction with exact visualisation

  • Provide exact cost for installation material

  • Eliminate excess product order

  • Flow importance of multiple workstations

Equipment Specifications

BRASITECH takes note of the finer detail on all projects ensuring the end user is satisfied with equipment supplied. Some of the problems associated with equipment can be traced back to improper or poor specification of the equipment. Equipment purchased without a detail specification relies on the vendor to supply their standard equipment or to fabricate according to their own procedures. BRASITECH assists with the process in order to ensure specification are maintained.

A properly prepared equipment specification will define the performance requirements of the equipment, materials of construction, fabrication methods and procedures, test and inspection requirements, etc. BRASITECH will ensure proper definition of these items and ensure that the equipment supplied will meet the performance requirements for the project.