BRASITECH, in association with its sister company Bagtech International, has developed its own bagging machinery and equipment more than 10 years ago. These were utilized mainly in the African coffee processing plants own by the European Coffee Traders. The company then designed a highly accurate microprocessor  controlled electronic bagging machine and software system. Pneumatic controlled gate valves in the high mass machines ensure accuracy and speed. The advanced software features include self adjustment for free fall compensation, auto tare on each operation, auto calibration, and automatic weight correction. The first series of these machines were the LC2016 which offered unprecedented accurate applications. A combination of State of the Art electronics, with advanced features made these machines a natural choice for a host of weighing applications.

Bagging of free flowing products e.g.; Fertilizer, Grains, Rice, Sugar etc is bagged on behalf of clients ensuring that a comprehensive cost effective service is provided with a high quality. Rates are based on Location and Tonnage expected to be bagged. Clients are invoiced per MT bagged allowing the clients peace of mind on the costing of their end product.